Foto Expression was founded by Wiki Lee and Ilona Lee in 2004 after experienced of looking for 'true' wedding storytellers for their own wedding. Since then, they kept inspiring other photographers and turned into one of most sought creative wedding storytelling studio. We’re not here merely to take photos. What we do is we immortalize moments, we share loves, we make the most important day in your live goes on forever. Relax, take a breath, and browse around our website. Kindly take a look, and if you have any questions about us, just hit us up in the live chat.

The Perfect Wedding

People sometimes come up to us and say things like, ‘Oh, I hated my wedding day’, or ‘It was such a bad day for me’, or even worse, ‘I wish I could get married again’. We’ll just ask them this: ‘Are you married? Mission accomplished, then!’ Why do we throw a big party when someone Read More

We All Have Baggage

We all will learn two things eventually: 1. The only way we can feel secure is by having control of your life 2. Life can, and will, get out of control When you said ‘Yes’ to the question, you decided to accept another person’s life to be shared with you. When you said ‘Yes’ to Read More

Our Valentine Feature, with Dave & Lyane

Dave and Lyane were one of our favourite couples to shoot back in 2014. They were truly, crazily in love. It was a blast of a wedding. This Valentine, we decided to ask Dave a few questions about his beautiful relationship with his now wife, Lyane. Hopefully his story can inspire others. Foto Expression (FE):  Read More