We All Have Baggage

We all will learn two things eventually:

1. The only way we can feel secure is by having control of your life

2. Life can, and will, get out of control


When you said ‘Yes’ to the question, you decided to accept another person’s life to be shared with you. When you said ‘Yes’ to the question, you realised that the other person’s life had started before he met you.


When you said ‘Yes’ to the question, you knew that he had history. And sometimes, that history didn’t include you.

Sometimes the history is idealistic and pretty. The first and the last. Childhood sweethearts. Best friends to  lovers.

Other times, however, the history can be ugly. A divorce. A broken heart. Bankruptcy. The loss of sense of self.


But you knew.

And you said ‘Yes’ anyway.


Because everybody has baggage. And when they walk they have to carry their baggage,. And when they run, they still have to carry that baggage. It doesn’t get any lighter or heavier. It’s just part of who they are.

But when you said ‘I do’, you decide to also carry their baggage, and they yours.


And that’s one of the most beautiful thing that two people can achieve through marriage.

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