Cross Cultural – The Best of Both Worlds

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We all know that the traditional axiom for wedding is White Wedding, where everything looks elegant and pure. But then again, sometimes adding a splash of colour is all we need to have a truly unique wedding, a wedding that speaks true to the distinctive history of the couple.

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All human races come from different backgrounds, and of course all backgrounds have different, interesting stories. Why not bring the best of both worlds in a way that can be celebrated, not only by the happy couple, but also by their closest friends? A wedding truly is the best way to cross two different cultures.  Make sure your families know that you’re planning a cross cultural wedding. They might have strong ideas about how a wedding should look like, or particular traditions that should be carried out. Sure, it’s gonna be handwork deciding which element from each culture to bring to the table, but that’s OK. It’s your wedding, both of you, so it’s only fair to have both’s history represented equally.

At the end of the day, with cross cultural wedding, your and your spouse-to-be’s Special Day will be altogether more special, because what is traditional to others, is all turned around and made new by your one-of-a-kind wedding.

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