The following FAQ is prepared based on the most common questions on getting the clients prepared before having us on their wedding team.


01. Who is Foto Expression ?

Foto Expression was founded by Wiki & Ilona back in 2004, because they couldn’t find photography style that they had wished to have for their own wedding day. They wanted to have photos that tell stories, in a natural, unstaged way.

It becomes their motivation to create memories for other couples that is truly meaningful and can be treasured even long down the marriage road. It is important for couples to remember their happiest day, especially when times get hard.

Wiki & Ilona have always held quality at utmost importance in their works. They now offer personalised service under Wiki Lee brand, and have trained qualified photographers and videographers under Foto Expression brand with upheld standard to continue offering quality services.

Right now, Foto Expression is one of the long-standing brands in wedding and engagement photography. The service includes, wedding photography, wedding videography, engagement photo session, and high-quality, leather-bound album photos.

02. Who is the photographers and videographers on the wedding day ?

We have a number of photographers and videographers in this brand. They are skilled storytellers whom have shot under our brand with minimum two years experience for any kind of weddings (cultured or international wedding). If you like what you see on this galleries, It’s all their works. Please don’t be hesitate to communicate which album in the galleries that you like the most.

They are very much excited to meet you to discuss further about the wedding.  However, we advise to settle the administration first before meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to meet the team.

Our customer service is available via email, phone, skype, live chat to assist you with any questions you may have.

03. How long is the delivery process from the wedding day ?


One month for us to prepare the album pre-design and photo proof which will be posted (privately on this website). From there, the process may depend on how quickly you conclude the design. In average, we deliver the physical package in 3-6 months from the wedding day.



In average, it’s up to 6 months from the wedding day.

We complete the trailer within 1-2 months after the wedding day.

The highlight video (first draft) will be ready around 3 months

04. What is pre-wedding ?

Pre-wedding can be seen in two ways

One is for couple who wishes to get portraits done with something easy, casual and intimate. This is what most people refer to “Engagement Session” (E-session). It’s a perfect excuse to have a guestbook or enlargement photo showcased at the reception.

The other one is very popular in Asian community. It’s a whole day photo session.

05. Do you give everything everything ?

Yes. We give you all unedited images for photo (photo proof) and all raw (be ready to see some of our camera falling on the floor) footages for video (no song, with watermark) depending on the package inclusive.

However, all packages as default don’t include edited files. If you are interested to purchase, please enquire for this.

06. How many revision of album design or highlight video ?

(Album Design)

We initiated the album pre-design. From the pre-design, couples are welcomed to make changes/removal on photo. We give two revisions after the pre-design. Extra revision may have an additional cost.

(Highlight video)

We initiated the highlight video. From the there, couples are welcomed to make changes/removal on content or even the songs. We give two revisions after the first draft. Extra revision may have an additional cost.

(Trailer video)

There will be no revision on trailer (only minor changes accepted).

07. Can we choose the song?

We’re happy for you to give the list of the songs (before the wedding day). However, a song used for trailer may be subject to the feeling of the day.