Best of Foto Expression – Best Moment

We people are always surprising, whether it’s to the others, or ourselves. Sometimes we can do the most outrageous things, sometimes we can be as good as we can be. Sometimes we love, we sacrifice, we cry. Emotions always run high in weddings and couples who are at the height of their relationships. These moments filled with emotions come as fast as they go and we as photographers have to always be ‘On’ to capture the essence of their hearts.

Now, Foto Expression proudly presents some of our Best Moment pictures. You might need to take a while to see the pictures, to truly understand the life residing within, to appreciate the photos.


DinoVandraW0235 will fabia esession-0160 JeremyAnnieW1259 DinoVandraW0483
WillFabia0648PICKED ThavouthThiaryNOT0085 WillFabia1120
PierreSusanW0247 0015HuyMichelleE0030DylanThuyW MichaelPhoebeW0823
0072DaveLyaneW 0090DaveLyaneW
DavidLeena0071 0125DaveLyaneW DavidLeena2325 VinceAlice1346 copy 0015JackCarolW SonnyAngelaW0788 ThavouthThiarythumb

VinceAlice0387 copy


0014JackCarolW 0163Michael Phoebe W BernardRosemary0584

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