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Someone used to say that every child has an angel beside them, protecting them from all kinds of harm
and making sure that their needs are met. All the angels have the same name, though: Mother.


The first person you see moments after you’re born.
The first person to soothe you when you cry.

The first person to pick you up and feed you.
The first person to clean up your mess, no matter how dirty it is.

The first person to teach you the alphabet, words, language.
The first word you know, ‘Mama’.

The first smell you recognise,
Not perfume, nor spray, nor eau de toilette,
But clean sheets, soap, and shampoo.

The first doll you get, which smells of it, and you can never let go,
Because at night that doll is the one that comforts you, since you don’t want to wake her up at night anymore.

The first person to introduce you to school, to other little kids,
The first person you call, when you’re tired of school.

The first person you push away when that boy starts calling you,
And the first person you seek when that same boy breaks your heart.

The first person you’d treat to ice cream when you get your first paycheque,
And the first person to ever refuse your money.

The first person you tell when you find The One,
The first person to tell you that it’s okay to leave her, because she thinks you deserve your own life.
But also the first to cry, because you can no longer live with her.

The first person you learn to love,
to obey,
and to let go,
When the time comes.

But for the time being,
When she’s there,
When she’s able to pick up your call,
Or even nag you when you don’t pick up hers,
You’re just happy that you have that First Person,
Who teaches you everything you need to know about the world, about love, about life.

Because life doesn’t come with a manual,
It comes with a Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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